Invacare Orion Scooter


Stable, Trusty, Durable:The Invacare Orion.

With a focus on safety and reliability, the Orion is equipped with multiple features to ensure a safe and easy ride. Imagine being able to undertake long journeys in complete safety and comfort. Whether you enjoy a daily trip to the shops or love to travel further afield, the Invacare Orion gives you freedom of independence. Combined ergonomics with style, Orion is the obvious choice for a relaxing, reliable drive.

Go further for longer.

Whatever the terrain, you'll enjoy a controlled and sturdy drive. Let the powerful motor, fully suspended chassis and big wheels take you smoothly over obstacles or uneven ground. The large batteries ensure plenty of capacity to enjoy excursions away from home. A unique lighting system includes an easily visible DUAL-bulb headlight, automatic indicators and an integrated heavy-duty brake light for safety.

Trustworthy and dependable.

The Orion is equipped with an electronic speed reduction feature that automatically reduces speed round bends, ensuring safe, comfortable manoeuvres at all times. Intelligent electronics offer a visual and audio warning when the batteries need charging. A two-step disengaging lever prevents the scooter for free-wheeling if knocked out of drive mode. The Orion has undergone extensive test laboratory and complies with the Medical Device Standards for Europe.


By only using top quality components, we have made the Orion reliable and easy to service. Simple batteries, electronics, motor and cables. Electronics and the motor are protected from corrosion and water (splash protection) which safeguard the vital working of the scooter preventing any unnecessary malfunction.

Two-step disengaging lever-Prevents the scooter from accidentally free-wheeling.

Built-in anti-splash guards-Protects electronics and transaxle from dirt and water.

Automatic speed reduction-For added safety, the Orion automatically reduces speed around bends.

Suspension-A fully-suspended chassis provides a comfortable drive at all times.

Maximum user weight-136kg.

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