The J2 Back Support


The contoured design and the angle adjustability options offered by the Jay Care back can serve multiple needs for the kyphotic client. The Jay Care back provudes a solid back support to accommodate existing deformity, Helps to prevent further deformity and increases functionality.

Durable molded shell with a soft segmented foam insert provides firm support, contours to the Kyphotic spine and promotes posterior pelvic stabilization.

Built-in contour enhances lateral trunk Stability.

Provides 39degree of angle adjustability: accommodates fixed postural deformities.

Pelvic and trunk stability decrease shear.

Soft segmented foam contours to the kyphotic spine and reduces peak pressure points.


Angle adjustability provides the opportunity to re-orient the kyphotic trunk and hyper-extended neck to allow increased visual orientation, improved swallowing and improves wheel access foe more efficient mobility.

Posterior and lateral stability promote extremity function and increase sitting tolerance.

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