Quickie GP SA


Think of the Quickie GPV as the sports chair that's built fot the toughest game of all: your everyday life. The Quickie GPV's frame is lightweight but rigid for rock-solid handling. You can adjust the center of gravity, axle position and chair angle to suit your preferences. And the GPV wouldn't be a Quickie if you couldn't customize it with a variety of footrests, casters, front frame bends and special sizes. You can even opt for the Quickie GPV competition, the ultimate performance chair to fire up the competitor in you.

Now you can get out there and show them what you've got, on and off the court. You and your Quickie GPV.

Caster options

Quickie offers a wide selection of castors in all different shapes and sizes. Try the 3" Micros for on-court maneuvarability or opt for polyurethane or pneumatic castors on either aluminum or composite rims.

Custom frames

Each Quickie GPV frame is custom built for the user. Whether it's a tall, short, long, wide or squeezed frame you're after, Quickie can accommodate your needs. If you don't see it listed on the site just ask.

Rigid platform footplate.

Quickie's rigid platform footplate is designed to accommodate Quickie Gp and GPV chairs with front frame bends greater than 75 degrees. The footplate is angle adjustable to provide proper foot and leg positioning.

Height adjustable armrest.

Designed for easy adjustment, this detachable padded armrest can be moved up and down with ease. Available with either a 10" standard pad or a 14" full length pad.

Folding Back.

With the folding back option, protability is a snap. Just pull the wheels off, fold and pop in the car. Folding backrest is available with or without push handles.

Hanger options.

Quickie GP swing-away is available with a variety of hanger options. Choose from 60degrees, 70degrees and 90degrees standard hangers, or try the 70 degree "V" style hanger.

  • Weight: 24 1/2lbs.
  • Colour options: Blue, Black, red, Midnight Purple, Silver, Sky White, Teal, Hot Pink, Ultra Yellow, Lavender, Blue Sapphire, Black Diamond, Candy Red.

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  • Model: SRQGPS

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