Eclipse Bariatric Wheelchair


The construction and adjustment possibilites of this wheelchair meet the needs of various baristric body types, making it one of the best wheelchairs for these users.

A steel frame provides maximum strength and rigidity and is designed so that most of the user's weight is carried over the rear wheels. They are especially designed for this so propulsion and steering is very easy with little loss of energy.

The wheelchair's solid seat facilitates good posture and promotes activeness. It is also adjustable in depth, height, seat to floor angle and seat to back angle. This helps the user to stay active in propelling the chair and to get in and out of the chair.

The back of the wheelchair is constructed so that users who have a protruding behind can get good support to their lumbar spine region.

Front wheels are placed in front of the seat to ensure anterior anti-tip, an important consideration since most bariatric users have a lot of weight placed in front of them. This also makes it possible for the user to get in and out of the wheelchair without risk of tipping. Available in 2 seat widths.
Footrests are purchased seperately.
Seat depth 410 to 560mm
Seat Height 360 to 510 mm
Armrest height 290 to 340 mm

Seat widths available

AA8401A - 610mm
AA8401B - 660mm

Please state seat width on ordering. If nothing is mentioned the we will assume you are ordering AA8401A.

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  • Model: AA8401A

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