The Jay Care Cushion


The Jay Care cushion is designed to premote optimal postural support for the client with a fixed posterior pelvic tilt (sacral sitter) who uses sling upholstery. The integrated Jay Flow fluid pad provides pressure and shear reduction for the client who is at moderate risk for skin breakdown.

The reinfirced curved bottom counteracts the negative effects associated with sling upholstery providing a level surface for optimal pelvic position.

The contoured base provides a longer seat well to accommodate fixed "sacral sitting"

The Jay Flow fluid pad, combined with the soft foam base conforms to the shape of the client's pelvis, providing optimal shear reduction as well as enhanced pressure distribution

The fluid Tripad incorporates left, right and rear sections to maintain the fluid under bony areas. The rear section can also provide hemmorrhoid relief.

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  • Model: JAY3106F

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