The Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander positioner does the job of three standers. Its unique design allows prone, supine or vertical standing so a single stander can provide a variety of positioning needs. A foot-operated pneumatic tilt mechanism makes it easy to adjust the stander from 15° to 90°. The wide range of adjustability in the TriStander allows it to grow with the child. The TriStander is available in two sizes.


The Tumble Forms 2 TriStander 45 accommodates children 32" to 45" tall, weight capacity 70 lbs. and the Tumble Forms 2 TriStander 58 accommodates children 43" to 58" in height. Weight capacity 150 lbs. Latex free.


Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander Features:

  • Adjustable, soft, cushioned pads

  • Pads are seamless, impervious to body fluids and wipe clean

  • Module cushions are interchangeable

  • 3" double locking casters prevent roll and swivel

Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander includes:

  • TriStander frame

  • Shoes with bar

  • Hip support

  • Headrest

  • Knee support

  • Trunk support

Three-in-One TriStander Accessories:

The module cushions and frame included with each model are also available separately. They are sized larger for the TriStander 58 and smaller for the TriStander 45. The adjustable module cushions can be mounted on either size frame to accommodate the unique positioning needs of your clients. Each cushion is shaped to position the child securely. They are also easy to wash and disinfect. Latex free.

Tumble Form 2, Tri Stander 45.


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